Welcome To Our Studio!
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We are the youngest videogame studio from Barcelona.


We have collected the most skilled geeks we found, they type code and they like it...unbelievable.
But we love them <3.


They use polygons and weird pencils to sculpt and they call themselves artists? If Michelangelo woke up...
We love them too <3 .

We do videogames

What else could these millenials do?


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This is our progress:

  • November 2018

    Our Beginnings

    Hidden Lair studio was born on the achademical environment of the Politechnical University of Catalonia (UPC)

  • December 2018

    Run for your life

    We start our first project!
    Many emotions, too much ideas and meetings

  • March 2018

    Our first milestone

    First navegable build of the game achieved! The team is so proud and energy-full.

  • April 2018

    Second milestone

    The project keeps growing!
    In this phase we are working hard on animations and gameplay

  • May 2018

    Third milestone

    First gameplay!

  • June 2018

    Alpha milestone

    Download our alpha for free from this site!

  • Release:
    3th October

Our Amazing Team

4 Programmers and 3 Artists

Xavi Bravo

Lead, Game Designer and Gameplay programmer

Pau Sánchez

Lead Artist, 3D Modeler and animator

M.Angeles Almansa

UI and Concept artist

Marta Florido

Management, 3D Modeler and Environment artist

Adrián Leroy

Game Designer and Gameplay programmer

Pere Viader

Code Lead, Gameplay and Tools programmer

Gerard Pros

Gameplay and UI programmer

We are a small team, so everybody tries to help each other and we are not focused on a single discipline